Headliner of the BBF 2022


Aurora Galore is an award-winning, internationally known tattooed Burlesque and fire Performer who is influenced by a variety of creative sources.
Her performances vary from dark, outlandish dance acts to fire breathing finales. Aurora has a contemporary aesthetic, a modern soundtrack, and both energetic and emotive performances.
Having performed on stages since the age of five, Aurora is a vivacious and exuberant entertainer with an edgy stage presence. Through a combination of dance, fire and a unique creative vision. Aurora is a captivating and current performer unlike any other.





photo: Neil Kendall


Tronicat la Miez is an international Burlesqueperformer and Showgirl. 
Since she started walking and thinking, Tronicat had the deep wish to entertain people in her own way. At the age of 18 she started to work as a professional dancer. In the year 2007 "the cat" came to the long forgotten vaudeville art form Burlesque, where she finally found a home.
Until then she has performed all around the globe on stages in Europe, U.S. and Asia.
In her time as a Burlesque performer, she evolved into one of Germanys most important and interesting perfromers of this genre.
Next to other international awards she won, like the Amsterdam Burlesque Award, she was voted into the list of Europes most influential Burlesque Artists.




photo: Redtro Fotografie