The hosts of the BBF 2020

LA QUEEN, Germany



La Queen - that's entertainment deluxe:

She’s moderation wonder, chanteuse, storyteller, a shrill but incredibly sympathetic party slut.


Returning to host the Friday Night Tease at Theater Drehleier for a second year, this dazzling art figure will bring the mood to the boil.

Picture: Verena Gremmer

KOKO LA DOUCE, Germany/Switzerland

"She came down from the swiss mountains to blow her free spirit out of her ass right into your heart. Don't miss the Swiss Miss! You´re gonna jodel ...for more!"


Since 2009 Koko la Douce has been touring the world as a burlesque artist, entertainer, presenter and choreographer, teaching women on many continents in "Body-Positivity" and "The Burlesque way of living".


For her act "Paradise Machine" she received the award "Most Innovative" at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012 in Las Vegas.





Picture: Neill Nez Kendall