Die Hosts des BBF 2022


The singing chameleon: Elsie Marley is a singer, host and burlesque chanteuse from Munich. With her creative mix of musical theater, live performance and traditional vaudeville she combines humor, stage presence and a good dash of eroticism.   


She is the longtime Conferenciére and Mistress of Ceremonies of "Velvet Voyage", the show series of the Munich Burlesque Trio Filly Follies. With her ensemble "Tits and Jazz" Elsie Marley has made a name for herself beyond Munich's borders.


Come and experience the "singing Fräuleinwunder" at our shows on Friday and Sunday.




Bild: Frank Widmann


She is the undiscovered superstar from Berlin!


Gisela, or also known as THE Bearded Lady, enchants with charm, humor and of course her voice.


The grande dame of hairy entertainment passionately fumbles her way through the audience's auditory canals, making music, and usually gets stuck where it's most beautiful - right in the HEARTS!


She will guide our guests through a glamorous evening on Saturday at the Saturday Night Gala in the Silver Hall of Deutsches Theater.

Bild: pixelgnom