Headliner of the BBF 2024


The Extravagant Gentleman of Burlesque


He was born and raised in Detroit,Michigan. After years of intense dance training he started his long career as a leading man in Las Vegas’ „Jubilee“.


Then he moved to Paris, where he is a celebrated soloist dancer and lead principal in the most famous and outstanding  cabaret in the world.


Keeping the type of  the classic showboy alive through Boylesque, his charming charisma, his dazzling on-stage presence and his classic elegance make him the Extravagant Gentleman of Burlesque.  






Photo: VS Anchor Studios


Ruby Monroe is a star of recognized international prestige, who has traveled the world with her show. 

She is pure “Old Hollywood” in aesthetics and essence, but always with a fun and suggestive wink which makes her a unique artist.


She ist the winner of multiple international awards, as a notable fact, Ruby Monroe was also Miss Viva Las Vegas 2022, becoming the first European to win this title. 


She also has been voted number #9 of the most influential Burlesque figures in the world in 2023.